Work After I have been ApprovedThe answer to this question is more complex than you may think.  There are many rules and regulations regarding work after you have been awarded disability benefits.

If your health is improving and you are considering going back to work after you have already been awarded benefits, here is what you should know.

The Unsuccessful Work Attempt

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has set in place certain rules regarding work after meeting their definition of disability.

The first is called an unsuccessful work attempt. This is when an individual returns to work but the employment does not last longer than three to six months.  The SSA understands that many disabled individuals may want to return to work, however, their health may limit them.  If individual works less than three to six months and they stop working because of their disabilities, they can request that the SSA find that the work was an unsuccessful work attempt that will not affect their disability benefits.  

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Trial Work Periods

The SSA allows a total of nine trial work months in which an individual’s earnings meet or exceed trial work period earnings. If you are working and meeting at least trial work period limits for a total of nine months in a 60-month period, your benefits will be stopped.  It is important to note that these 9 months do not have to be consecutive.

What is SGA?

SGA, also known as Substantial Gainful Activity, is the gross monthly amount a claimant can receive from employment for it to affect their benefits. Currently, for 2017, the SGA amount is $1,170.00 gross per month.

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Questions about the disability process.

Going through the Social Security disability process can be rather complex at times due to the SSA’s strict rules. If you have questions about work after being awarded benefits, contact the SSA or an experienced attorney.

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