Such a situation might be shaping up for a family whose 6-year-old was attacked on a New York sidewalk recently. The young girl was taking a walk with her grandmother when the dog saw her from across the street and lunged at her. An employee at a tire shop nearby saw what was going on and pulled the animal off the girl, but not before the 6-year-old sustained puncture wounds on her arms and legs. She received treatment for her wounds at the hospital.

As it turns out, the frightening attack was caught on video. The tire shop had a surveillance camera that was running at the time. The shop owner happened to examine the footage a couple of days later and discovered that he had a video account of the incident.

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To his credit, the owner of the dog stayed at the scene of the attack until after police and other first responders arrived. The animal was not impounded but the man was cited for having the dog off of a leash. However, he may face legal action from the family of the injured girl to recoup her medical expenses and perhaps for additional damages as well.

Source: NBC New York, “Video Shows Dog Violently Attacking Girl, 6,” Ida Siegal, March 13, 2013

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