The study indicates that even states like Pennsylvania – which has adopted several key graduated drivers license best practices – can decrease the number of fatal crashes involving teen drivers by a substantial number. Indeed, according to the IIHS, Pennsylvania could reduce the incidence of fatal car accidents among teens between the ages of 15 and 17 by approximately 27 percent.

The IIHS suggests that states adopt the following rules for young drivers:

  • Permit age of 16
  • 65 supervised practice hours behind the wheel
  • A licensing age of 17
  • 8:00pm night driving restriction
  • No teen passengers when driving

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The good news is that Pennsylvania has already adopted several of these recommended restrictions. For example, young drivers must be 16 before receiving a permit and must have at least 65 supervised practice hours behind the wheel before receiving their license. Adopting further restrictions, however – such as a restriction on night driving – could definitely contribute to safer driving.

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Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, “States could sharply reduce teen crash deaths by strengthening graduated driver licensing laws.”

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