Exactly what lead to the workplace accident is unclear. According to the emergency dispatchers who were called, the incident involved an explosion. The general manager of the plant where the fatal accident occurred described it as being related to equipment. More details regarding the matter will probably be uncovered in the course of the investigation the local police department and county coroner are conducting.

It is likely that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will also investigate the workplace fatality. When safety violations are uncovered in one of these investigations, employers are commonly fined. Whether any fines will be assessed regarding this matter remains to be seen.

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The business may face other repercussions as well. If negligence on the part of someone who works for the company is found to have contributed to the fatal accident it is possible that the family of the worker who died could file a wrongful death lawsuit against it. This could potentially result in the business paying financial damages to the family.

The loss of a loved one under any circumstances is difficult. When it is unexpected and the result of negligence of another, it is even harder to handle. While wrongful death lawsuits are often difficult for handle, when the outcome is positive, many find that it is worth it.

Source: Lebanon Daily News, “1 dead, 2 hurt in accident at W. Pa. Mersen plant,” The Associated Press, Jan. 30, 2014

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