Thanksgiving is coming up, and therefore, there will probably be more impaired drivers on Pittsburgh’s roads than usual for a few days. While many of them will be habitual drunk drivers, others may have found themselves in a situation where it was time to go home from a party or family gathering, but they had one glass of wine too many. They cannot take a cab or catch a ride with a friend, because that would require them to leave their car behind.

In many cases, this is indeed the safest option. But a service AAA is providing in some parts of the country will get you — and your vehicle — home safe this Thanksgiving weekend.

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According to The Tampa Tribune, from Nov. 25 to the morning of Nov. 29, AAA will provide free tows for people who do not feel sober enough to drive. The tow trucks will take them and their vehicles anywhere within a 10-mile radius, thus avoiding the risk of a DUI crash.

It appears that AAA is only offering this program in a few Southern states, so it has not apparently reached Western Pennsylvania yet. And AAA emphasizes that there could be long waits for service, and for the public to consider a tow to be a last resort.

We hope that all of our readers enjoy a safe Thanksgiving weekend, free of encounters with drunk drivers. But if anyone does get hurt in an accident, they should consider meeting with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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