Filing a Social Security Disability Claim? Make Sure You Get the Benefits You Deserve!

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Did the Social Security Administration (SSA) deny your claim for disability benefits? As discouraging as this can be, you are certainly not alone – about two-thirds of disability applications get denied on the first try. The good news is that you have multiple levels of appeal to continue fighting for the disability benefits you deserve. And we can help you!

In our over 40 years of experience, Berger and Green has helped thousands of injured and disabled people in the Pittsburgh area fight for the benefits and compensation they deserve. Fill out the contact form now to get started.

We know the Social Security disability process can be overwhelming and complex, especially for disabled claimants already facing the disappointment of an initial claim denial. From the moment you hire us to represent you, our Social Security disability lawyers provide comprehensive support and service. Here are just some of the things we do to help you get disability benefits:

  • Review your initial application and the SSA’s reason for denying your claim.
  • Identify any gaps or deficiencies in supporting medical evidence and get the right documents to fulfill the SSA’s requirements.
  • Identify any administrative or technical reasons for the SSA’s denial, and fix any problems.
  • File the necessary documents to request a reconsideration or hearing.
  • Take your case to the Appeals Council, if advisable, and later to federal court if you still do not receive a favorable decision.

Our lawyers will guide you through every stage of your appeal. We know how daunting this process can be, and we do several things to relieve as much of the burden as possible:

  • We offer free case evaluations
  • We can start your case promptly and you do not have to come into our office

And best of all, you do not pay attorney fees unless you get compensation! All you have to do to get started is fill out the contact form or call 412-661-1400. But do not delay. There is a strict 60-day time limit to file your request for reconsideration or hearing. If you miss this deadline, you may be unable to appeal your denied disability application.

So do not wait any longer – fill out the contact form or call 412-661-1400.