Request for reconsideration is the initial action you must request to challenge a denial of your application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). This is a necessary step before you can request an appeal hearing in your Pennsylvania disability case.

In the past, this step was not necessary in Pennsylvania. As of 2019, you must submit a request for reconsideration and wait for the outcome before continuing with the appeal process if necessary.

You Could Get Approved for Disability During a Request for Reconsideration

The Social Security Administration denies more initial claims than it approves. Most people who get disability benefits win them through the appeal process. When a claim for disability gets denied, the applicant receives a notice of denial in the mail. If you receive this type of notice, it is important for you to act quickly. You only have a short time to appeal the denial.

No matter if the Social Security Administration denied your benefits for medical or non-medical (technical) reasons, an SSD appeal lawyer can help you with your appeal application. You only have a short time to request an appeal, so you need to act quickly. Our Social Security disability attorneys can help you request reconsideration if you call us with sufficient time to do so.

The Social Security Administration Reconsiders Your Case During This Time

Reconsideration is exactly what it sounds like—the SSA will review your claim and reconsider if they have enough evidence to approve you for benefits. The person completing this review will always be someone who did not participate in making the initial decision about your denial, and they may consider new evidence that was not a part of the initial decision.

Reconsideration generally involves only a review of your application, medical evidence, and other documentation. You will not need to make an appearance. Do not get discouraged if the reconsideration does not result in a reversal of your decision. According to the Social Security Administration, odds of workers getting approved for SSDI or SSI during reconsideration hovered between 8.1 percent and 16.0 percent from 1992-2010.

While you are unlikely to receive an approval after the reconsideration alone, it is an important step in the process that can ultimately lead to an appeal hearing. These have a higher chance of success, and our team can help you prepare for it.

Understanding the Steps in the Disability Appeal Process

There are generally four steps in the disability appeal process:

  • Reconsideration;
  • Appeal hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge;
  • A review by the Appeals Council; and
  • Federal Court review

Of these steps, the one where most people see success is during an appeal hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. You must move through each of these steps in order; this means you must request reconsideration and wait for the response before you can proceed to the next step.

A Pittsburgh Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help You Navigate the Appeal Process

If your initial claim for disability benefits was denied in Pittsburgh, greater Allegheny County, or elsewhere in the region, the attorneys from Berger and Green can help you navigate the appeals process and fight for the Social Security Disability benefits you deserve.

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