Fireworks can be a fun holiday activity for your family or even the whole neighborhood, but they are also very dangerous, and you need to be careful to keep your family safe. Pennsylvania’s new fireworks law allows adults to buy and use more powerful types of fireworks, in addition to the novelties already allowed.

The infographic below outlines the new law and offers tips on how to stay safe around fireworks year-round.

The Berger and Green team believes that if you understand the law and how to keep yourself and your family safe while celebrating with fireworks, it will reduce your risk of injury and ensure a good time for all.

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Understanding the Pennsylvania Fireworks Law

Under the new fireworks law signed into law on October 30, 2017:

  • Individuals can now purchase and use fireworks with up to 50 mg of explosive material, including bottle rockets and Roman candles
  • Pennsylvania residents no longer need a permit to purchase or use Class C consumer-grade fireworks
  • Individuals still need a permit to buy and/or use display-grade fireworks
  • It is illegal to use fireworks after drinking or using drugs
  • Those under the age of 18 cannot purchase fireworks

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The Dangers of Fireworks & How to Keep Your Family Safe

Even Class C consumer-grade fireworks can lead to serious injuries, including significant burns, eye injuries, amputated fingers and hands, and other life-altering injuries. Understanding the dangers of these fireworks can help you ensure you and your children do not suffer injuries during use, or because of someone else’s carelessness.

To keep your family safe from these dangers:

  1. Because of the risks associated with handling and using fireworks, always read all instructions and package warnings before use. Follow the directions carefully and use only the provided launch structure.
  2. Be aware that some municipalities may have their own statutes. dealing with fireworks that are stricter than the state law.
  3. Only allow adults to handle fireworks. Young children and tweens are unlikely to understand the dangers of these explosives, and teens may not have the reasoning skills to use them safely. If you do allow your teen to handle fireworks, supervise them closely.
  4. Do not attempt to relight a firework that does not explode. Do not handle it for at least 20 minutes because there can sometimes be a delay in the explosion.
  5. Only shoot fireworks in a safe area. that is at least 150 feet from buildings and vehicles. Shoot them away from any structures or flammable materials.
  6. Keep water or a fire extinguisher nearby. in case of a fire or another issue. Soak all used fireworks in water before discarding them to prevent fires.
  7. Do not let others put your children and teens in danger. If you know they will be using fireworks, ensure there will be responsible adults involved and they will follow all safety tips and best practices.

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