The man’s injuries left him a quadriplegic.

Following the incident the man and his filed a personal injury lawsuit regarding the matter. The defendants named include two of the man’s wife’s cousins. In addition, the manufacturer of the toilet and its installer were named. The manufacturer was included because it did not include spikes with the toilet to securely anchor it so that it could not easily be tipped. The installer allegedly placed the portable toilet on a hill. This bad location made it necessary to insert wood under one of the sides to make it level.

The man was recently awarded $5 million.

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When the behavior of a person or entity is deemed to be negligent and result in serious injuries, lawsuits such as the one in this case may be filed. There are multiple reasons why it might be beneficial for an injured individual to recover financial damages. In many cases living with the injuries results in the accumulation of great expenses. Other times its punitive nature provides makes the injured individual feel better. Whatever the reason for seeking such compensation, it is usually best to consult a personal injury lawyer regarding the matter, sooner, rather than later.

Source: Time, “Man Paralyzed in Porta Potty Prank Gets $5 Million,” Laura Stampler, Feb. 6, 2014 

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