Drowning is a cause of many summertime wrongful death lawsuits. While each case varies with location and circumstance, there are several factors that should be examined for a potential suit:

• Was someone being physically reckless to cause the drowning?

• Were life guards on duty in a public pool or water park negligent in their watch?

• Was there maintenance issues in the pool that caused the drowning?

Premises liability can also be a factor in unintentional drowning. Depending on the location and owner of the pool, there are several parties that could be accountable for compensation. Private residential pool owners, property owners of commercial pools that host guests (such as hotels or water parks), owners of government property (such as municipal or public pools), or renters of a property with a pool could all potentially be held liable for negligence, lack of maintenance, or improper use of necessary warning signs.

Drowning is always tragic no matter what party is at fault. While it cannot bring back a loved one, navigating a claim with an attorney experienced in wrongful death and premises liability may result in compensation for the loss.

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