If you choose to appeal your denial, you will be given a hearing date, where you will present your case to an Administrative Law Judge. Because the SSA is currently dealing with a huge backlog of hearing cases, your assigned hearing date will probably be a year or more away. Hearings are scheduled by the Social Security hearing office in the order in which the request for hearing was filed. So it’s done strictly by dates. It is organized this way in order to be fair to each applicant.

But there are certain circumstances that will allow a person to be taken out of line and given a more expeditious hearing. One of the exceptions is for an individual who is diagnosed with a terminal illness that can be verified by a doctor’s records. Another reason that your hearing date could be moved up is if you are in extremely dire financial straits. Keep in mind that almost everyone who is unable to work is having serious financial problems. In this case, dire means that you are in imminent danger of being evicted, being foreclosed upon, or having your utilities shut off.

In all these cases, you would have to submit documentary proof of your circumstance to the Social Security office. If they accept, for any of those reasons, your hearing can be expedited.

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