Notice Requirements Definition in Pennsylvania

In the legal realm, notice is the act of letting a party know about their obligations, rights, or other necessary information related to a legal action. At Berger and Green, our personal injury attorneys most commonly deal with notice requirements in civil cases, but they also exist in other areas of the law. The requirements for serving notice differs somewhat based on the applicable laws, but we can help you understand how notice requirements apply in your case.  

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Notice Requirements in Civil Cases

When we file a civil case against a party, we must notify them of our intentions, desired outcome, and their right to respond. We do this by serving the defendant with a summons or subpoena. We have a time limit to serve notice in a civil case, based on the applicable laws.

Usually, we arrange service through a personal delivery. A sheriff’s deputy or other trained professional delivers the paperwork to the defendant in person. This is by far the most common and straightforward method of serving notice in a lawsuit. There may be other options in a case where this is impossible, however.

We may also give notice to witnesses of a case by serving them in a similar manner.

Notice Requirements in Class Action Suits

Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23 outlines very specific procedures to notify those who may have suffered the ill effects the subject of a class action suit caused. Every class action notice must include information about:

  • The company or party in question;
  • Who is a member of the affected class;
  • The issue at hand;
  • The affected parties’ right to hire an attorney and participate in legal action;
  • The affected parties’ right to request exclusion from the class;
  • How to request exclusion from the class; and
  • The binding effect of the outcome of the class action case.

If you receive this type of notice, give us a call. We can help you understand your options for compensation based on the facts of your case.

Notice Requirements in Other Areas of Law

State and federal laws require employers to post or issue certain notices for employees. This may include information about workers’ compensation rules, working off the clock, and other legal protections. We occasionally see violations in these notice requirements when helping our clients with issues stemming from an on-the-job injury.

Another area where we occasionally deal with notice requirements occurs when an insurer decides to drop a policy or discontinue their relationship with one of our clients. Insurance companies must legally provide you with proper notice before dropping your policy for any reason that does not include your failure to pay your premiums.

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