In general, people use “Social Security” to refer to the Social Security retirement program. This program provides income for workers once they reach retirement age. Workers can file for these benefits as early as age 62 but increase if you wait until age 67. The Social Security Administration (SSA) manages this program.

The Social Security Administration provides critical income for not only retirees but also those who live with significant disabilities and those whose family members died or cannot work because of their impairments.

The SSA Administers a Number of Important Programs

The U.S. government tasks the SSA with running three programs to help families make ends meet when they reach retirement age or have a physical, mental, or emotional impairment that prevents them from working. These programs include:

Social Security retirement and Social Security Disability Insurance both replace a percentage of a qualifying worker’s average income, up to a set limit. Supplemental Security Income does not require the person drawing benefits to have a previous work history.

All programs pay out in a monthly benefit, usually by direct deposit.

How Do Social Security Programs Work?

American workers pay into Social Security with a deduction from every paycheck. The Federal Insurance Contributions Act authorized this tax, so this is often called “FICA taxes.” In most cases, workers pay half of this tax, and their employer pays the other half. You must pay FICA taxes if you work.

If you reach retirement age, or if you suffer an injury or illness that prevents you from working, you may be able to file for benefits if you have enough work credits. While getting retirement benefits is relatively easy, it is notoriously difficult to get disability benefits. You will need to prove with medical evidence that you have a qualifying impairment or cannot work because of your impairment.

If your spouse or parent received Social Security benefits and has since passed away, you may qualify for survivor benefits.

Berger and Green Can Help You Pursue Disability Benefits in Pittsburgh

If you cannot work because of an illness, injury, or other condition that causes a long-term or permanent impairment, the Social Security Disability team from Berger and Green can help you:

  • Understand your qualifications
  • Check your initial applications
  • Apply for benefits
  • Fight a denial

We know what it takes to get and keep Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income. If you have questions about SSDI or SSI, we are here to get you the answers you need and address your concerns. We may also be able to pursue compensation through an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuits if your impairment stems from a negligence accident or car accident. We will review your case for free.

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