The incident that killed the 36-year-old man occurred at large Pennsylvania mall. The employee of an electric company was working on an expansion project at the mall and was in a lift along with another man cutting electric cables. As they did so, one of the men cut a live wire that was carrying 13,000 volts of electricity.

Following the incident both men—along with a third individual—were transported to a hospital for treatment. It was there that the man died. The second man suffered injuries described as nonlife threatening and the third man was reportedly there as a precaution.

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It is currently unclear why the accident occurred and whether another party is to blame. If so, it is possible that the man’s family could decide to seek compensation for the loss of the man’s life via a personal injury lawsuit. A lawsuit of this nature can have an impact on more than one level. On the one hand it can help to ease the emotional sadness someone who has lost a loved one. In addition, it can help to alleviate the financial burden that often arises when a young person who was providing for his or her family is suddenly gone.

Of course pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit will not bring the man back. It could however make things easier for those left behind.

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