Sadly, a fatal motor vehicle accident occurred earlier this month in a Pittsburgh area community. The early evening crash involved two vehicles that struck each other head on. A total of four individuals were hurt in the collision. The injuries a 74-year-old woman suffered were so serious that she could not overcome them and she died after being taken to a hospital.

Three other individuals, all occupants of the other vehicle, were hurt as well. Though the nature of those injuries is unclear, they were described as significant. One of those individuals was a child.

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According to the investigation that was conducted following the accident, the vehicle the deceased woman was driving crossed the centerline and drove into oncoming traffic. Though the reason why that happened is currently not known, there are a variety of things that could have occurred. In some cases drivers become distracted by other things going on around them. Other times there are issues with a car where it does not work the way it is supposed to. In still other situations, a driver experiences a medical emergency which makes it impossible to for him or her to control the vehicle. 

The accident investigation will likely uncover what exactly happened. Once that is complete it is possible that civil claims could be filed by those who were injured in the incident.

Source: KDKA, “Woman Killed In North Huntingdon Crash Identified,” March 22, 2014

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