But that should not discount the very real pain and suffering the victim may be going through due to a catastrophic injury. Burns, amputations, brain trauma, paralysis and back injuries: any of these can be agonizing and cause long-term, if not lifelong, disability. The victim still has his or her life, but it may have been changed forever due to someone else’s negligence.

After a serious injury, you cannot go back in time and prevent the incident that caused it. But you can take steps to protect your rights and get the medical attention you need.

Medical care should be your first priority. Don’t ignore any symptoms; even seemingly minor aches and pains could mean something serious after an accident. Go to the doctor and follow his or her instructions, for your own good.

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Because memories fade and there is a lot to keep track of, it is important to keep good records about your accident and its consequences. As soon as you are able, get a notebook and write down everything you remember about what happened. Get a copy of the police report and eyewitness accounts, if available. As time goes on, keep track of your medical appointments, and record your changing symptoms and how your life is being affected.

Finally, after a catastrophic injury you may wonder whether to pursue a personal injury suit against those responsible. To discuss your case and next steps, it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer.

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