toysThe consumer group, World Against Toys Causing Harm, also known as W.A.T.C.H, has released their list of the “10 worst toys” parents should look out for during their holiday shopping.  These “10 worst toys” are unsafe due to their design and hazardous parts that could potentially make them harmful to children.

W.A.T.C.H.’s complete list of 2018’s “worst toys.”

  • NICKELODEON NELLA PRINCESS KNIGHT PILLOW PETS SLEEPTIME LITES. Potential for ingestion and battery-related injuries.
  • NERF VORTEX VTX PRAXIS BLASTER. Potential for eye injuries.
  • MARVEL BLACK PANTHER SLASH CLAW. Potential for eye and facial injuries.
  • POWER RANGERS SUPER NINJA STEEL SUPERSTAR BLADE. Potential for blunt force and eye injuries.
  • CABBAGE PATCH KIDS DANCE TIME DOLL. Potential for chocking injuries.
  • ZOO JAMZ XYLOPHONE. Potential for ingestion and choking injuries.
  • SLACKERS SLACKLINE CLASSIC SERIES KIT. Potential to cause strangulation and fall injuries.
  • NICI WONDERLAND DOLL: MINICLARA THE BALLERINA. Potential for choking injuries.
  • STOMP ROCKET ULTRA ROCKET. Potential for eye, face and other impact injuries. 
  • CUTTING FRUIT. Potential for puncture and blunt force injuries.

To see the list with photos, click here.

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Recovering compensation after an injury from a defective product

Keep in mind, this is only a short list of toys and represents one group’s findings.  According to the Toy Industry Association, all toys for sale on U.S. shelves go through some of the strictest safety requirements in the world. 

When choosing toys for children this holiday season, pay attention to the design and features of the toy. This would include small detachable parts, sharp objects and loose cords.  Ultimately, choose toys that you feel are fitting for your family.

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