Reuters reports that Shigehisa Takada, the grandson of the company’s founder, will make the offer during a meeting with auto companies on Jan. 29, along with other Takata executives. The resignations would be part of a business plan the company will present at the meeting. Sources do not indicate whether Takada has named a potential successor, should he quit.

As readers know, Takata airbags are subject to a massive, ongoing recall of millions of vehicles. The airbags can inflate with too much force in a car accident, causing shrapnel to fly through the car and into the people inside. At least 11 people have been killed by this defect, Reuters reports.

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Up to now, CEO Takada has taken a great deal of criticism for not saying much about the scandal, and automakers have criticized Takata for manipulating safety data regarding its airbags. It was more than a year after the safety crisis first made news until Takada publicly apologized for the defective airbags.

At that time, Takada said the best thing he could do to take responsibility was to stay on as CEO. But it appears that he and Takata’s executives have changed their minds, or at least are willing to resign to help car companies regain trust in Takata.

For consumers, the important thing is to make sure to get your airbags repaired or replaced, if your vehicle is part of the recall. Victims of these defective airbags may need to turn to litigation for compensation and a sense of justice.

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