The incident occurred on Route 519 when a car that was travelling on the road at the same time as the bus rear-ended the larger vehicle. At the time of the crash there were 11 students on the bus. The age of those students is not clear. Thought none of them were injured in the crash, they were all nonetheless transported to an area hospital.

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When a bus transporting children is involved in an accident there is always the potential that the outcome will be catastrophic with numerous serious injuries inflicted. In the worst cases these injuries could result in death. While situations when this occurs are always tragic this is particularly true when children are involved.

When someone suffers a serious injury in a crash or a life is lost there is sadly nothing that can be done to undo the tragedy. In some circumstances however, the decision to file a civil lawsuit softens the blow a little bit. In addition, the financial damages that are generally recovered in a successful lawsuit are usually of great help to those reeling from such a scary event.

Source: KDKA, “Car Rear Ends School Bus Near Railroad Tracks In Washington County,” Nov. 15, 2013

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