According to Penn Live, the bus was carrying 32 students from the Cumberland Valley School District early in the afternoon of Feb. 9. The bus went through a stop sign and crashed into a vehicle, destroying it.

It appears there were four people in the car, including a 20-year-old Utah woman. She was in Pennsylvania to serve as a Mormon missionary. She died at the scene. The other three victims were taken to the hospital. Their current status is unknown.

Nobody was hurt on the school bus, except for two students who suffered minor injuries. The bus driver, a 68-year-old man, was unhurt. It seems to be too early to say if he failed to see the stop sign, if the brakes failed, or if there was some other reason for his failure to obey the stop sign.

Regardless of the reason, the result is a terrible waste of life. Another Penn Live article reported comments friends made on social media following the woman’s death. “[She] was light, love and laughter to a degree not achieved by many,” one person posted on Twitter.

If improperly maintained or operated, a school bus is large enough to cause serious harm in an auto wreck. The passengers are also vulnerable, since few buses provide seatbelts.

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