Recently a Pittsburgh area bus driver who was responsible for 12 students was accused of not doing that. The 53-year-old woman was accused of drunk driving as she transported the children to school one morning. After getting those children to their schools safely, a coworker reported the woman claiming she smelled as though she had consumed alcohol. This report prompted the woman to be pulled from her route and a test to determine her blood alcohol content was administered. It was found to be more than twice what is legal for a bus driver.

The woman, who had been driving buses for the same district for 15 years, was charged with being under the influence of alcohol while driving a bus.

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It is fortunate that none of the children were injured on their trip to school. Had an accident occurred while she was under the influence that led to injuries, it is possible that the parents of the children could have pursued legal action. While this route cannot undo the harm inflicted, it could make life easier for them going forward.

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