Veteran motorcyclists know that though they have equal rights on the roads, it’s safer to assume that while you’re on your bike, you’re the lesser of equals. Experts say it makes sense to ride defensively; to be ready to change course and speed at a moment’s notice in order to avoid motorcycle accidents and serious injuries.

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The reality of motorcycles is that while they combine fun and freedom, they’re also much more dangerous than cars, pick-ups and SUVs. Consumer Reports says older riders — an increasingly larger segment of motorcyclists — “are three times more likely to be hospitalized after a crash than younger ones.”

The publication has some tips for older riders, younger ones, newbies and veterans. One of the most important is that everyone on a motorcycle should ride defensively. That means leaving extra room between you and the car ahead; slowing down as you near intersections; not entering intersections until you have made sure no four-wheel vehicles are about to enter it; and watching other vehicles closely at all times.

In this age of distracted driving, car drivers are more likely than ever to be looking at their phones than at you. Consumer Reports notes one study found that “in collisions involving a motorcycle and a car, car drivers were at fault 60 percent of the time.”

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In those situations, motorcycle accident injury victims are often seriously hurt, with big medical bills, time away from work, and substantial pain to deal with for extended periods. It makes sense that when they pursue compensation from the driver responsible for the accident, they do it with the help of a Pittsburgh attorney experienced in helping motorcyclists get justice.

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