This past week several children were injured when the van in which they were riding was involved in a crash. The van, which was described as a school van, was in the process of transporting the kids to school when the motor vehicle accident occurred. A car, driven by a man who was on his way to work, was headed toward the van when it collided with the front corner. All individuals involved in the incident, four students and both drivers, were hurt. All were fortunate that an off-duty paramedic from Pittsburgh happened upon the accident scene and was able to assist the victims.

Both the driver of the car as well as the paramedic, who stopped to help those involved, indicated that the location of the accident is a dangerous section of road. Situated on a hill, one of them described the stretch of road as a blind bend.

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When a child is hurt, in addition to dealing with the physical injuries most caretakers also must deal with the emotional aftermath. These outcomes sometimes lead parents of children to file personal injury lawsuits against those who are believed to be responsible for the injuries. Whether such lawsuits will be filed in this case is currently unclear.

Source: KDKA, “4 Students Injured In Carrick School Van Crash,” Rick Dayton, Jan. 30, 2014

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