The boy and 42 other passengers were returning from a trip to Harvard University Feb. 2 when the bus crashed into an overpass in Boston. Dozens of passengers had to be taken to hospitals for their injuries. The 16-year-old was one of four passengers who suffered serious and even life-threatening injuries. Emergency responders had to remove part of the damaged roof of the bus to rescue many of the trapped passengers.

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Authorities say the bus driver ignored several warning signs prohibiting buses from traveling on the Boston road because the overpasses didn’t allow enough clearance. The driver’s negligence means that the Bucks County teen, who so far has undergone more than 15 hours of surgery to repair his broken bones and vertebrae, won’t be able to resume his normal life for months or years to come.

Doctors say it’s too early to determine his chances of a full recovery. He currently is unable to move his arms or legs and remains on a ventilator. In the days and weeks since the accident he contracted pneumonia and other health problems as a result of his injuries. He slowly has begun to regain feeling in his limbs, and his condition could improve as the swelling from his injuries goes down. Until then, he and his family can do little more than wait.

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Needless to say, the boy’s recovery won’t come cheap. His family has established a fund to help cover the costs of his medical care, but the lawsuit filed against the driver and bus company offers the best hope of compensation for his injuries. It’s only fair that after exhibiting such negligence, the driver and the company he works for should take responsibility for what could be a lifetime of pain and suffering for this young accident victim.

Source:, “Lawsuit filed on behalf of Neshaminy student hurt in Boston bus crash,” George Mattar, Feb. 15, 2013

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