A Pennsylvania man working out of state recently experienced this for himself. The man suffered serious burns at a job site in Massachusetts when he attempted to start a portable generator. The machine malfunctioned and emitted sparks, which lit dangerous fumes nearby, setting the man’s shirt on fire.

The man suffered second- or third-degree burns in the incident, but it could have been much worse. He reportedly did not suffer any injuries to his airway, so his breathing was not affected by the burns. He did sustain bun injuries on his face, his right arm and his torso.

When the accident occurred, the worker was on the roof of a Walmart store under construction. After the fire started, the man dropped onto the surface of the roof and rolled around, attempting to extinguish the flames. A supervisor credit’s the man’s co-workers for retrieving a fire extinguisher and putting out the fire.

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The man’s next steps are not yet clear. It is difficult to say for certain what caused the generator to backfire, sparking the fire that burned the worker. It is certainly possible that the man will seek to recover damages from the construction company he was working for at the time of the accident. In any case, he will recover a lot of time and medical treatment to recover from his injuies.

Source: The Herald News, “Pennsylvania man airlifted after accident at Swansea Walmart work site,” Brian Fraga, June 18, 2013

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