As it turns out, at least according to one study, parents actually are in a great position to help their teenagers to be safe drivers. When parents set rules around driving and do so in a supportive and healthy manner, teens actually respect their parents’ wishes. This leads to a measurable reduction in negative behaviors behind the wheel.

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According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, teen drivers whose parents are able to set these guidelines are involved in 50 percent fewer crashes. Likewise, these novice drivers are less likely to drive drunk — more than 70 percent less likely, in fact — and are also less likely to use mobile phones while driving, less likely to drive in excess of the speed limit and are more likely to use their seat belts.

Obviously, a parent’s influence on a child when it comes to driving can only go so far. However, these findings might prove to be a real eye-opener for Pennsylvania parents when it comes to what kind of influence they have over their kids’ behavior.  

Source: Forbes, “Teens With Parents Who Set Driving Rules 71% Less Likely To Drive Drunk, GHSA Says,” Tanya Mohn, Oct. 22, 2013

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