Unfortunately, injuries from motorcycle accidents have been growing in recent years. While some of this is due to the increased number of vehicles on the road — an issue that becomes more apparent in warm-weather months — some of it is due to fewer people being required to don a helmet while riding.

The law in Pennsylvania changed about a decade ago; now, in general, adults who have had their motorcycle license for a few years do not have to wear helmets when riding. It is a good idea to do it anyway, of course. Motorcycle riders have precious little natural protection, and wearing safety equipment is a reasonable step to take in order to make riding as safe as possible.

There are many other things motorcyclists can do to reduce accidents, or at least reduce the severity of accidents they are involved in. This is a message that has been communicated to all Pennsylvanians this May — which is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

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One of the best things a motorcycle rider can do is to be seen. People on bikes often blend in with their surroundings, which is dangerous for inattentive car drivers. Wearing bright clothing, having reflective surfaces on motorcycles and on safety equipment, and signalling turns via turn signal and hand signals are all good ways to make sure people are aware of motorcyclists on the road.

Source: Tri County Record, “PennDOT urges all vehicle operators to share the road: Safety reminders in recognition of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month,” May 28, 2013

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