Investigators reported finding a 16-ounce beer can in the driver’s van. Emergency responders said the driver admitted to a paramedic that he had been drinking and that he smelled strongly of alcohol.

According to the news report, the driver blood alcohol content was 0.197 percent. That is more than twice the allowed limit of 0.08 percent. A passenger in the vehicle said the driver had between 7 and 9 beers of 16 ounces each at a pool warehouse where the pair worked. The passenger reportedly told investigators that they then went to a strip club. Later, the 31-year-old driver said at one point that he was drunk, and veered out of his lane two or three times before the crash.

Going the wrong way, the van crashed head-on into the lieutenant’s police cruiser on Route 30.

The married father of six children was just 40 years old, news reports stated.

According to an earlier report, the officer’s widow has already stated that she plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver, his employer and the club where he and his passenger went after drinking at the warehouse and before the crash.

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