vacationMany people travel to their vacation destinations by vehicle.  The most important thing you can do before heading out on the road is to make sure your vehicle is safe and running well.  Although an accident can occur at any time, when traveling through unfamiliar places, your chance of an accident occurring is even higher. Busy highways, distractions in your vehicle, and unfamiliar roads can all contribute to the unfortunate event of an accident.

In any accident, in state or out, it is beneficial for you to follow these few steps. 

  • Call the police to file a police report. This will be beneficial if you do need to file a personal injury claim.
  • Seek medical attention. Document which facility you went to and what doctors you saw there.
  • If possible, you or someone you are with, should take pictures of the accident scene, the surrounding area and the vehicles involved.
  • Get names and contact information of any witnesses of the accident.
  • Contact a personal injury attorney in your state to discuss what your options are.

If you plan on traveling with your ATV, boat or motorcycle, make sure you have enough insurance coverage on all of your vehicles before traveling.

Keep in mind that different states can enforce different laws. Typically, your auto insurance will follow you from state to state and determine what your rights are. 

Recovering compensation after an accident.

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