Recently a food truck located in another Pennsylvania city did not work as intended. One of the propane tanks used to fuel the truck, exploded, launching it 150 feet. Following the explosion, a fire ball appeared and two cars that happened to be passing by at the time of the incident were engulfed by the fire. At the time of the accident the food truck was parked outside of a body shop.

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At least 11 people were injured in the blast. While many of the individuals received treatment at a hospital and were then released, others suffered more serious injuries. The city’s Police Chief Inspector indicated that two of the people who were hurt ended up with burns covering a large portion of their bodies. Their conditions were described as critical.

An investigation into the matter was being conducted to determine whether the incident was the result of criminal activity or simply an accident. Accordingly, in addition to police, the bomb squad and fire department were also involved in it.

It is possible that the operators of the food truck could face a lawsuit filed by those who were hurt in the explosion. Such lawsuits are sometimes filed to recoup compensation to help cover expenses related to the injury as well as pain and suffering.

Source: ABC 13, “At Least 11 Injured In Pennsylvania Food Truck Explosion,” The Associated Press, July 1, 2014

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