The shot came from a farm in the distance where someone was hunting deer. The private property belongs to a farmer who said he has a special permit that allows people to hunt deer on his property even out of season because they damage his crops. It is reported that the farmer’s son-in-law fired the shot that hit the baby.

The two hunters involved in the incident have turned over their weapons and ammunition and are working with investigators. Although the shooting was likely an accident, an investigation will continue to make sure the hunter followed all state regulations.

The newborn has lost his vision due to the incident but is expected to survive.

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It is important if you or someone you know were injured in an accident such as this, to contact a personal injury attorney. It is crucial for your child to recover, keeping in mind their present and future needs. Our attorneys will investigate thoroughly while protecting your rights. An investigation is critical for not only your family’s recovery but to also make sure an incident such as this does not happen to another individual.


WTAE, “Infant in ICU after being shot at home while in his father’s arms”

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