Police said the 57-year-old trucker, who lives in eastern Pennsylvania, will face charges in the truck accident that shut down an interstate for hours.

News reports indicate that the big rig’s fuel tank was damaged in the crash, leaking fuel on the interstate. The Delaware County wreck happened at about 9:30 in the morning and all lanes weren’t reopened by law enforcement authorities until about 6:30 p.m.

While a news article did not list the injuries of the accident victims, we were grateful to see that the injuries weren’t life-threatening. Of course, it is unfortunate that that does not mean the injuries were not serious.

It’s very possible that in an interstate accident involving a semi-truck that injuries can involve broken limbs, head trauma, serious damage to internal organs, spinal cord injuries and more. In many similar situations, those injuries result in massive medical expenses, loss of income and even disability that forever changes a person’s earning potential and entire life.

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In some serious-injury cases, insurance companies will hurry a representative to the hospital to try to get the injury victim to agree to a quick settlement. Naturally, the settlement is to the insurer’s benefit. They hope that by offering you a fast, lowball offer, you will accept and be stuck with an amount that will not cover your expenses or lost income.

Before agreeing to an insurer’s offer, you can take the precaution of discussing your legal options with a Pittsburgh attorney experienced in truck accident injury settlements, negotiations and litigation.

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