According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the family was on its way to church on May 8. The local volunteer fire department believes their car was either stopped at a red light, or was driving slowly at the intersection, when a pickup truck slammed into them from behind.

The impact was so violent that it sent the family’s car into a barrier, which flipped the car onto its roof. The vehicle finally came to a stop 100 feet away from where it was hit.

Firefighters say the parents and the 2-year-old boy suffered the worst injuries. The mother was partly ejected, and her legs got pinned under the car. Witnesses stopped and freed her, along with the 1-year-old. All four family members were airlifted to various Pittsburgh hospitals.

Police were still investigating what caused the truck driver to hit the car. The fire chief implied that driver might have suffered “a medical condition” prior to the wreck, though the Post-Gazette provides no details on what that medical emergency might have been, or what evidence exists to support that theory.

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Some medical emergencies, like a heart attack or stroke, can come on suddenly. Others, like seizures, are caused by a chronic condition that the driver probably knew about. If a driver has a condition he or she knows could impact his or her ability to drive, drives anyway, and gets into a crash, he or she might be liable for any resulting injuries.

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