As a result of the fall the woman claims she injured the following parts of her body:

  • Head
  • Left foot
  • Left hip
  • Knees
  • Left shoulder
  • Neck

In addition, she said the fall caused her to suffer nerve damage as well as multiple contusions and bruises.

The woman recently filed a lawsuit against the museum. In addition to alleging negligence and carelessness, she also asserted that the museum did not take steps to warn visitors of the condition or do anything to correct it. As a result of the fall she has suffered serious impairment of her bodily functions and experienced great pain and suffering. In addition, her complaint she indicates that she has spent more than $19,150 as a result of the medical attention she needed.

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Premises liability lawsuits such as this one are often an effective tool for injured individuals whose lives have been changed because of an accident that is due to the way in which a property is maintained. In addition to obtaining compensation for medical bills accrued, in a successful case the injured party could receive additional damages to address matters such as pain and suffering.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “Phila. Museum of Art sued by patron injured by fall on slate walkway, Jon Campisi, April 7, 2014

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