The fall left her unable to feel or move anything below her waist. Since the incident she has been working on rehabilitating her body. This recently paid off as she was allowed to walk with the assistance of a bionic exoskeleton device. Since she has not regained feeling in her legs it would not be possible for her to reach this mile stone without the aid of the exoskeleton. Other paraplegics are likely expressing their hope that the device soon becomes available to all.

There is no question that spinal injuries are some of the most catastrophic a person can face. These injuries may be incurred many ways including motor vehicle accidents. In addition, they sometimes take place in parks, swimming pools and construction sites.

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Whatever the cause, the effect is mostly the same. The inability to walk and move limbs makes it much more difficult for the injured person to take care of his or her needs. In some situations a person is unable to continue to work. This can result in great expense and uncertainty as to how it will be covered. Because of this, when someone’s injuries are the result of negligence on the part of someone else, a personal injury lawsuit may be viable.

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