One of the speakers drew their attention, however. She’s a few years older than the students, having graduated from a small college in 2008. She was busy making plans to work for Habitat for Humanity after moving to New York City following graduation. She was riding in a car through a rural part of Pennsylvania with her parents and her college sweetheart when a distracted driver changed everything.

The driver was a high school senior, busy on the phone with his friends. Just 18 years old, the senior drove right through a red light at an intersection.

The woman’s parents were killed in the violent collision. At a nearby hospital, she was given a mere 10 percent chance of even making it through the night. “She looked like death,” her boyfriend told the assembled students. “I couldn’t recognize her.” No wonder.

She had suffered a head injury and brain damage, partially collapsed lungs and her legs were broken.

According to a news report, physical therapy has enabled the woman to address the high school students on a recent day, stressing to them a simple idea: a small act, such as answering a phone call while driving, can ripple out and have an enormous effect on people’s lives. Hopefully, her message was heard by the students and at least a few of them will let the phone ring.

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