Drowsy driving is a type of distracted driving that can cause devastating consequences. In fact, in 2013, there were some 72,000 crashes due to drowsy driving. Some 800 individuals died in those crashes and about 44,000 injuries occurred. These numbers already seem quite high but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the true numbers are likely much higher. A lot of drowsy driving accidents go unreported each year.

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So what causes a driver to be drowsy? The most obvious reason is a lack of sleep. This may be due to having irregular working hours or even dealing with a newborn child in the household. But drowsy driving goes far beyond just a lack of sleep. It can occur when someone knowingly hits the road while on medications that are sedating. A person may also have a sleep disorder that they have not treated. That sleep disorder can cause drowsiness that could lead to a tragic car accident.

Although distracted driving cases can be hard to prove, there have been incidents across the United States where this negligent act was proven. If a drowsy driver caused your injuries, you may want to consider filing a personal injury claim against that driver.

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