The first thing that someone should do after a minor car accident is to get to a safe place. If you can move the car off the road then do so. This could prevent another crash from occurring and possibly prevent serious injury or even death. If you can’t move the vehicle then you should get yourself to safety.

Next, someone who is involved in a crash should contact the police. This is the best way to protect one’s self if, for instance, the other person involved in the crash does not have car insurance. Along the same lines, it is important to document the incident. This can be accomplished by exchanging relevant information with the other drivers involved in the crash. If you have a camera take pictures of everything.

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If someone is hurt emergency medical services should be contacted. The health of all involved is the most important matter to address. Once someone’s health is stabilized they may want to contact a personal injury lawyer. If the negligence of another person led to the accident occurring, a lawsuit could make sense.

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