Few states limit speed limits to 65 mph outside of the mid-Atlantic area. Currently there are only two states west of Pennsylvania capping speed limits at 65 mph. On the other hand, there are five states with speed limits up to 80 mph.

Unfortunately, large trucks driving too fast on the roads have been responsible for a large number of fatal accidents. An ATA spokesperson admits that speed limiter requirements alone will not prevent every crash. However, he does feel stricter monitoring of speed will be helpful. He stated the ATA is supportive of a national speed limit of 65 mph for all motor vehicles. According to estimates, speed causes or factors into 30 percent of fatal accidents.

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association had a slightly different take on the benefits of placing speed limitations on trucks. This group feels that different speed limits for trucks versus other vehicles lead to traffic interaction problems resulting in more accidents.

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Legislation will not prevent all truck accidents from occurring. There are many sorts of reasons why these accidents occur often related to negligence of the trucker or the trucking company that owns the vehicle. In such instances, personal injury attorneys assist victims in bringing lawsuits against those at fault.

Source: DC Velocity, “Trucking group renews call for national speed limit for trucks,” April 21, 2015

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