The Route 19 crash began when a woman driving a large, red Chevrolet pick-up lost her brakes while driving down a hill. She told police officers that after her brakes failed, she managed to maneuver the vehicle through a four-way intersection but then crashed into an SUV and another vehicle parked in a doctor’s office lot. Her truck wound up on top of a crushed Honda SUV.

Witnesses and police said everyone involved was lucky that no one died in the violent crash, WPIX reported. However, a 90-year-old in the runaway pick-up and an adult and 10-year-old in the Honda were all injured and hospitalized.

It raises questions for the families of those hurt in the wreck: who will pay for their hospital bills, any needed surgeries, physical therapy, etc.? One possibility: the maker of the red truck’s brakes.

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If the truck owner had the brakes properly maintained, it is possible that the brakes failed due to a defect in the manufacturing. If so, that could mean that the brake maker could be held liable in claims by injured parties.

It is also possible that the brakes were improperly installed by a brake repair company — which might make that firm liable for damages.

Anyone who has been injured in a similar car accident can speak with a Pittsburgh personal injury attorney experienced in product liability cases involving defective auto parts. A thorough investigation by the attorney and experts can determine who is at fault and bears responsibility for the accident and injuries.

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