It is possible that at some point in the future these individuals might end up with bionic appendages. Three men in another country recently underwent a procedure that outfitted them with prosthetic hands that can be controlled by their brains.

The men who had the “bionic reconstruction” procedure all suffered serious nerve damage to their hands in accidents. Specifically, the nerves that run from their spine to their hands were damaged. When surgery to try to repair the brachial plexus was unsuccessful, and their arms and hands remained paralyzed, the reconstruction, which in this case entailed amputating the hand, was performed.

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Among other things, this feat was accomplished with a transplant of leg muscle and brain training. The leg muscle helped to make the signal from the never fibers that remained stronger. The training focused on practicing activating the transplanted muscle. Following the procedure the men were able to accomplish tasks such as buttoning things, pouring from a jug and picking up a ball.

Though the subjects in this case did not actually lose an appendage in an accident, it is easy to see how one day the technology behind this reconstruction might be applied in other amputation scenarios.

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When a portion of a person’s body is amputated or they suffer serious injuries in an accident that make it impossible for them to use an appendage, and that accident is the result of someone’s negligence, a personal injury lawsuit may make sense. A lawyer can help determine the best way to proceed.

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