The 27-year-old man who died was behind the wheel of a car when the incident occurred. According to witnesses, as the man’s vehicle travelled west on a road, it crossed the median and collided head-on with a truck travelling in the opposite direction. Upon impact, the car, which police characterized as speeding, caught fire. It is unclear what caused the automobile to cross into oncoming traffic.

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The force of the collision pushed the tractor-trailer off the road. It came to stop close to some train tracks after first going over a guardrail. Though possible, it is unknown whether the individual behind the wheel of the truck was hurt in the incident. Because of the protection the much larger vehicle provides an occupant, it is not uncommon for those individuals be unharmed in such an incident, while others die.

It is likely that an investigation into the crash will be conducted to determine exactly how the crash unfolded. In some cases the results of such an investigation are helpful in determine whether any civil claims regarding an accident will be filed.

Source: KDKA, “Emergency Crews Called To Fatal Collier Twp. Accident,” Brenda Waters, March 18, 2014

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