To conduct the study, researchers observed caregivers at several playgrounds. One researcher’s job was to watch the caregiver for roughly 20 minutes while the other observed the caregiver’s child on the playground.

They compiled their findings into 371 two minute episodes in which they found that parents were distracted 74% of the time. During this time, 30% of children engaged in dangerous behavior. This included: walking up the slide, going down the slide improperly, putting their hands on other children and jumping off of swings.

The author of the study said that the study shows that children do regularly engage in dangerous behaviors; however, they are more likely to do so when their caregivers are distracted.

They also found that cell phones were not the biggest distraction at playgrounds for caregivers. Speaking with other adults was the number one distraction, followed by cell phone use and then other distractions such as eating, drinking and reading.

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission released data showing that 200,000 children 14 and younger were treated at U.S. emergency rooms each year due to playground injuries. Children can get injured regardless of the amount of supervision they receive; however, an alert parent can keep these accidents minimal.

Distractions can occur anywhere including the car and oftentimes cell phones are to blame. Texting while driving has been a growing problem among states. Local and state officials have been cracking down on this problem in hopes to eliminate it.

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Source:, “Parents Using Smartphones At Playgrounds Can Place Children At Risk For Injury”

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