This may have contributed to an automobile accident that recently occurred in a construction zone located near the Pittsburgh Zoo. Two vehicles were involved in the collision that resulted in three people being injured. Though specifics regarding their injuries are not known, all were taken to an area hospital. There they are said to be in stable condition.

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What exactly caused the two vehicles to collide has yet to be determined. A spokesman for the Pittsburgh Police Department indicated that several factors may have contributed to it occurring in addition to it being in a construction zone, including darkness and speed. An investigation into the matter will likely determine if those factors actually did play a role.

Drivers have a duty to drive in a safe manner regardless of where the accident occurs and can be held accountable in a court of law for any negligent actions they may take that contribute to the accident occurring. If however, construction zones are not properly marked in a way that provides drivers with the information they need regarding the area to drive safely, the entity responsible for that construction may be found liable in a civil lawsuit.

Source: WPXI, “3 hurt in construction zone crash near Pittsburgh Zoo,” July 30, 2014

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