The brain injury dramatically changed the now 21-year-old man’s life. Following the incident he had to undergo six surgeries. In addition, he spent more than a year in the hospital. Though he recently returned home, he has lost his ability to speak and relies upon gestures to communicate. All of that time spent receiving care in a hospital left the man with a medical bill of close to $2.5 million.

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A benefit to raise money to help cover those medical bills was run simultaneous to the man’s return home. The event drew hundreds of supporters. Though the amount they raised is unknown, it is unlikely that it was enough to cover his current medical bills or those that will accumulate in the future.

The individual who was behind the wheel of the vehicle that struck the young man was criminally charged in the matter. He ultimately faced the consequences of 2 days in jail, half a year of probation and the loss of his driver’s license. Though unclear, it is possible that he could have faced consequences in a civil court as well. The family of the injured man could have filed a personal injury lawsuit against the driver. When cases such as these are successful, they result in financial damages that may be used to pay for things such as medical bills.

Source: KDKA, “Benefit For Young Man Critically Injured In Accident Draws Hundreds,” Oct. 26, 2013

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