Several Monroeville officials knew of the fatal crash, but believed no charges were going to be filed in the incident. When they recently learned that criminal accusations might be filed, and also learned of the DUI, they suspended the man’s ambulance driving privileges.

In May, a pregnant 29-year-old got out of her vehicle stopped on a bridge near Altoona. It was three in the morning. She was then hit by the ambulance driver’s Jeep. A news report at the time stated that “reports from the scene indicate the driver was drinking.”

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In August, the same driver was drinking again, according to police in Blair County. He was arrested for DUI, careless driving and for driving without headlights on in order to avoid detection and arrest, according to a news article. The judge in that case has forbidden the man from driving, whether it’s a Jeep, ambulance or any other vehicle.

The case is one of many that illustrate the dangers of drunken driving. The incidents are perhaps especially disturbing when they involve people in positions in trust and people who are supposed to help not harm.

Those injured by a drunk driver want maximum compensation for the damages they have suffered, which is why they look for a skilled, experienced Pittsburgh person injury to represent them in negotiations with insurers and in litigation.

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